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List Management

To how many contacts can I send emails?
Each MailHarbor plan has a maximum total number of contacts that you are able to send to at any time. Our system allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to the contacts you have in your system. You can also only send to contacts who have asked to receive communications from you.

Can I create multiple lists under the same account?
You can create as many lists as you want in your MailHarbor account.

What if I have a list stored in Excel or Outlook?
You can easily import your contacts into MailHarbor! Included with your MailHarbor package is a comprehensive import tool to import your contacts and any details you want to include with your contacts such as name, address, phone number, and other contact information.


Do I get charged for each contact over my plan limit?
No. You will only be allowed to enter the number of contacts that corresponds with the plan you have selected. If you intend on entering additional contacts, you will have to upgrade your plan.

Will I be notified when I'm reaching the end of my contact limit?
Yes. You will be notified via email when you are reaching your contact limit. Your number of contacts in the system, as well as your total available contacts are permanently displayed on the right side of your My Contacts page in MailHarbor for reference.

How will I be billed?
After signing up for a MailHarbor plan and entering your credit card information through our secure page, you will be asked if you'd like to be billed monthly or annually. You will be charged immediately upon agreeing to the plan, and then charged on the anniversary date of your signing up, whether it be monthly or yearly.

Is there a discount for paying annually?
Yes. Any customer who decides to pay annually will receive a 10% discount.

Campaign Management

How many emails can I send?
Unlimited. MailHarbor customers pay based upon the number of contacts entered into MailHarbor, not the amount of emails they send. This allows you to keep in contact with your list as often as you'd like.

Do I have to use the templates on the site?
No. The templates on the site are there for you to use at no additional charge. However, if your company already has a template built, then you can simply use that instead.

Do I need to know HTML to use MailHarbor?
No. MailHarbor is equipped with an HTML editor which is functionally the same as using a word processing tool. Just simply add text, colors, and photos, then send. It's that simple.

Email Delivery and Deliverability

Do I need to be on the same computer every time I use MailHarbor?
No, you can use MailHarbor to send email campaigns from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Will anything I send be considered SPAM?
By using MailHarbor, you agree that each campaign you send is to recipients who have opted to receive it, with the content and frequency of the campaign also matching what you advertised for the list. Should you follow these guidelines, your email is not considered spam. Our anti-spam policy has more details on what is considered spam and not spam.

How are bouncebacks handled?
Our system will receive any bouncebacks and process them for you automatically. Per our policy, any bounceback that is considered a "hard bounce," such as user no longer exists or domain deleted, will be automatically unsubscribed from your list.

What happens if a subscriber "unsubscribes"?
If a subscriber unsubscribes, he or she has indicated that they do not wish to receive any further campaigns from you. Our system will mark that contact as unsubscribed and will no longer be included on campaigns sent to the list that he or she unsubscribed from.

How long will it take for my emails to be sent?
Emails that are scheduled to be sent immediately are sent within one hour of your request to be sent, although it may take as little as a few minutes. Some emails are double-checked by our staff to ensure spam compliance while others have passed our checkpoints and can be delivered quickly. Our system has the capability of sending thousands of emails per minute, so it doesn't take long to get your campaign to your recipients!

Will any of my emails be blocked upon delivery to certain companies or ISPs?
In most cases, no. We have relationships with a large number of internet service providers and email service providers to ensure deliverability of our customer's campaigns. However, should your individual contacts blacklist your campaign or mark it as spam, their individual email accounts may treat your campaign as such and thus block its delivery to themselves.


Will MailHarbor let me know if my emails have been read?
Yes! MailHarbor provides detailed reporting that includes how may people have opened/read your campaign, who read it, and what links were clicked in the campaign. Additionally, there are charts and graphs that also show hourly and daily breakdowns of that data.

Are there any reports I can show my boss how effective a campaign has been?
Yes! You can either give your boss access to the MailHarbor system by using our multiple login feature, or you can print any MailHarbor report with charts and graphs.